What You Should Know About Soaps & Washes And Your Healing Tattoo Part I

Ever wonder why your skin is dry and tight after your shower? Or maybe you are kind of itchy more often than you would like to be.

Bummer for a new tattoo!

2 Simple Answers:

  1. Most washes or anti-bacterial unscented soaps use petroleum, PEG, silicones and a high percentage of glycerin products. Leaving moisture on top of skin. Not in where you need it.
  2. The pH in most body washes and soaps you buy at the store is anywhere between 8 and 13. Yes, even the popular “natural” products like a certain Dr.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Silicone and Petroleum products “LOCK IN MOISTURE” hmmmm… have you ever wondered about what locking in moisture means? Yep, the moisture they “lock in” was ALREADY there!

The diagram above shows where those ingredients stay and how they work. 

*Glycerin is a humectant. Glycerin cannot go into your skin, it can only stay on top. It ATTRACTS moisture from where ever it may be. In the air, or IN YOUR SKIN for example. Yes that is right. It will suck moisture from the air lay it on top of your skin AND it will suck moisture right out of the layers of skin below the epidermis where you ink is.

This puts moisture on the TOP layer, not the lower layers of the skin where you need it most. A slight of hand and dirty tricks. So while clinical studies did not lie…significant improvement of moisture on the TOP layer of the skin does occur… feels so soft…till it rubs off. They don’t tell you that part. Nor do they tell you how it sucked moisture from the lower skin layers.

Does this make you as mad as it made me? Hold on, there is hope around the corner! 

Click the photo below if you want to see my first post about why I got into this business. Scroll down to move on with this blog. 

The pH of your skin’s acid mantel is between 4.6 and 5.5.

It is an intricate eco system protecting us from harmful bacteria and dehydration.

So much for your anti-bacterial soap at a pH of 8-13, it just trampled the barrier protecting you from bacteria! Did you know that? 

Now you have opened up a super highway for bacteria.

Using soaps and washes that strip the balance of the system make the skin work harder to bring it all back into balance, about 20 min after using said soaps. However used over time the mantel becomes damaged. It can take up to two weeks to repair, IF you don’t use anything else on it that exacerbates the damage.

The worst thing for a new tattoo!

There Is A Better Way. The Cost Is About The Same or Less.

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