What Makes An Excellent Aftercare Product? Part I

I have been told that no one cares about the mind numbing details…
I don’t agree. Some of you out there DO care. This post is for YOU.
There are two parts.
Knowledge is power. Kick gimmicks to the curb and get the truth about what your skin and tattoo need.

Before we explain what makes excellent care we need to be very clear about what does NOT. Many manufacturers trick us by sprinkling in some “cool” ingredients with a lot of junk so we think their product is good.

Hot Tip:

Skip reading the flashy label with all of the sexy reasons you should buy their product. Go straight to the back panel and READ the ingredients. Most manufacturers don’t lie on the ingredient panel.


Have you ever told someone or been told that the skin issues (like white bumps) your healing tattoo is having is from too much creme or ointment?

This is only partially true. It is likely from too much of the WRONG ointment full of the WRONG ingredients.

Ointment that is easily broken down by the skin is not likely to cause these issues. 

Some Of The Basics:

For ointment used during tattoo and for the first 5 to 7 days or used after you remove adhesive style barrier bandage:


Choose products that are ENTIRELY FREE from the following Ingredients:

*Water *Petroleum *Paraffin *Mineral Oil *Glycerin *Fragrances *Dyes *Alcohol *Synthetic Waxes *Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) *Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)



  • Water does not help your tattoo heal. It evaporates from the top of the skin, doing NOTHING for your healing. It is just pouring money down the drain.
  • Petroleum products (Mineral oil, PEG, Paraffin) cannot be metabolized by the skin and have ZERO healing properties. If they go into the skin, the skin will try to push them out. Ever see those white bumps under healed tattoos?
  • Glycerin attracts moisture to the epidermis. It draws moisture OUT of your dermis where your ink is and where your tattooed skin needs to retain moisture.
  • SLS, Fragrances, dyes, alcohol and synthetic waxes offer no healing benefits and insult broken skin.

 This photo shows what is left after the water is evaporated out of water based lotion. The weight started at .95 oz. The jar weighs .40 oz. Do you believe this waxy gunk and petroleum heal? NOPE. JUST A WASTE OF MONEY. AND CAN CAUSE THOSE NASTY WHITE BUMPS... 

If your eyes are not too tired and you want to continue on, see Part II by clicking on the photo below: