Advantages of Using Well Formulated Natural Tattoo Products During The Tattoo Process

I realize that some of the greatest artists in the world use or have used less than stellar products. Doesn’t change the fact that they are brilliant artists.

Changing products isn’t going to magically make you a better artist.

However, it will make the process more efficient, easier, more effective and a better experience for the client's skin.

Why not have it all? 

When formulating our line of products, I objectively viewed the process of tattooing and coupled that with my knowledge of using fine natural ingredients to address the needs of the skin and the artist.  

Tattooing opens up and assaults the skin for a prolonged period of time. It is beneficial to use products that address the assault and can be accepted by broken skin without rejection.

Here are some of the advantages of naturally formulated products:

For the artist during the process:

  • Skin swelling and redness are significantly reduced
  • Less plasma ooze to interfere with your work

  • It is easier to push ink into the skin
  • Less ink gets pushed out of the skin while you are working

  • Clients can sit longer, more comfortably
  • Skin stays workable for a longer period of time

  • Tough, thin, scarred and other difficult skin situations are easier to work with when using skin conditioning agents during the tattoo process.


Your work is easier when the skin is receiving calming soothing ingredients that it can metabolize.

When the skin detects foreign “unfriendly” substances and or injury it immediately begins the process of expelling and clearing away this “debris”.

 Inflammation is the natural response to injury and foreign entities penetrating into the dermis.

Using products that cannot be metabolized by the skin causes further insult and increases the skin’s inflammation response.

Using products that help calm the skin in essence is like delivering a “spoon full of sugar” to help the ink stay in.  

Our goal is to set the artist and the collector up for the best results possible.

Choose well balanced products with ingredients that have the following properties:

  • A multi-faceted natural anti-inflammatory system
  • 100 percent of the ingredients can naturally be broken down by the skin
  • A multi-faceted naturally derived anti-bacterial system
  • pH balanced cleansers (close to 5.0-5.5) You can use over the counter test strips sold at convenience stores. You may be surprised to learn what the pH is of the soaps you currently use! 

I hope this was helpful. If you have questions, give me a shout out! Our next post will be about on going skin care for the life of your tattoo. 

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